LBNB Platform For Job Board & Freelance & Design Services Marketplace


LiteBNB Project

The LiteBNB project is focussed on customer satisfaction and usability making the most accessible cryptocurrency of the decade!


LiteBNB Platform

LiteBNB tokens will be used on the LiteBNB platform to provide a safe payment system for
Job Board & Freelance Services Marketplace.


Analytics And Utility

To provide users an easy way to transfer/buy/sell LiteBNB the users are able to swap directly and can also link a username to their wallet-addresses
(In Development)


Project Utility

LiteBNB will not only function as a regular cryptocurrency but is
building the most accessible cryptocurrency of the decade.
Even your grandparents will be able to use LiteBNB!


LiteBNB Utility

To create utility with LiteBNB the smart-contract launched on the 4th of June 2021 contains functions to save an username inside the blockchain. This will allow LiteBNB to create a fully decentralised platform based on Metamask or any other Binance Smart Chain based wallet. The LiteBNB platform together with a official LiteBNB Mobile application are decentralised applications which LiteBNB's users can utilise to do transactions, safe-payments by intermediary support and make use of the asset marketplace.
This marketplace should provide products made by other users such as freelance job offers, logo designs or anything else you can think of. Sign Up so you can claim an unique username which is directly linked to your BSC-wallet (Metamask).

  • LBNB Platform For Job Board & Freelance & Design Services Marketplace
  • Unique naming functionality to link an username to your BSC-Wallet (Metamask)
  • LiteBNB mobile application
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Community influence

One of the most important things for the LiteBNB project is to involve the community. As the community exists of people that will use the LiteBNB project for their benefit, it is important to listen to feedback and suggestions from them. LiteBNB uses different kind of social-media based channels to provide information/support and updates which allow the users to send their suggestions and interact with the LiteBNB team. The main focus of LiteBNB is to become one of the most accessible cryptocurrencies of the decade and we can't do that alone!

  • Easy communication with the LiteBNB team supported by Discord and Telegram
  • Active community and suggestion channels
  • Customer service chat on the website (in development)
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LiteBNB token information

Total amount LiteBNB: 1.500.000.000 (1.5B)
Decimals: 2
LBNB Token Address: 0x9dD6626e3dC415EB5DcBbeEB19bC345BfFe388a2
The minting function is removed from the smart-contract so the total amount of LiteBNB will always be the same. Two decimals are used to make it easier to read and more like fiat currencies. For traders this should not matter as exchanges always allow to use more decimals. LiteBNB is currently listed on a Centralised Exchange ( and Decentralised Exchange (PancakeSwap)
To see a summary of the LiteBNB market there are a few options:

Buy on Coinsbit Buy on PancakeSwap

Now is the time to join LiteBNB and follow our socials for updates

Sign up today to claim your unique username and be one of the first to grab that desired name before it is taken by someone else! Hope to see you soon on the LiteBNB Platform Asset Marketplace.

  • In development LiteBNB Asset Marketplace
  • In development LiteBNB Official Mobile App (Android/IOS)

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Website Update LiteBNB

Fully redesigned website and back-end updates for the LiteBNB Project. Includes new Web3 utility to setup for the future Digital Asset Marketplace.

  • Web3 Utility
  • Address naming (sign up)
  • Wallet Connect
  • Mobile support
  • Discord
  • Redesign Website
  • 3D-designs (future use)
  • Better Guides
  • New Years - Giveaway
  • New Price API
  • Daily percentage price
  • Suggestion section (in Discord)
  • Login with Metamask
  • Partners and Collaborations
  • Audit by Bitgert

Mobile App (Android/IOS)

The official LiteBNB mobile app development has already been started but is still in a very early stage. In the first quarter of 2022 the goal is to deliver the first version of the LiteBNB mobile app with basic utility like checking balance, sign-up the username for your wallet and more.

Guide videos and Support

We're currently working on multiple guide videos and sections to provide a fully functional guide on how to buy, use and store your LiteBNB. Those guides should provide guidance for all users even for inexperienced crypto users.

Besides that there will be a full interactive customer support on the website based on the system used in non-crypto company websites. This system will work 12 hours a day, and will be scaled up to 24h a day in a later stage as the current team is mostly located in The Netherlands.

The LiteBNB Platform

Since the launch of LiteBNB on the 4th of June in 2021 a lot of ideas and suggestions have been sent and implemented in the future plan of the development team. The first large utility project from LiteBNB will be the freelance and digital asset marketplace based on the Binance smart chain where the LiteBNB crypto currency is existent. It will be released somewhere within quarter 2 and 3 of 2022.

Wallet integration

The mobile application should not only be informative but also functional. The wallet integration will give the ability to use the mobile application as main point for using LiteBNB and should make it easier to use and make it more available for people that are not that experienced with cryptocurrency usage.

Full guide and support (Update)

This will be an add on for the earlier guides/support update from early 2022. The main goal of LiteBNB is to make it the most easy cryptocurrency of the decade. This means that the project should contain and provide a lot of information/support and guides on how to use it and have the best UI possible. We keep this in mind while building the new developed D-apps (Decentralised applications) to give users the best user experience.

Listing on more Exchanges

In the final Phase of this year LiteBNB will focus on marketing, gaining more users on the platform/mobile application and listing on different exchanges to make LBNB more widely available


LiteBNB Guide

To help new users of the LiteBNB platform to get their hands on LBNB tokens we linked a video guide that explains setting up your wallet to the Binance Smart Chain network and buy LiteBNB tokens (LBNB) either with PancakeSwap (BNB/LBNB pair) or Coinsbit (LBNB/USDT pair).
An official LiteBNB video will be released soon!

Price Information LiteBNB (LBNB)

LiteBNB is listed on multiple exchanges and the price can be checked either on the exchange, bsc-pricing tools or directly on the LiteBNB website.

  • Dextools Decentralised Pricing Tool for BSC-based projects
  • Nomics General Pricing Analytics
  • Poocoin Decentralised Charts for BSC-based Projects
More information about the team will be published later.
Sander Q - Founder/Developer
More information about the team will be published later.
Daniël S - Support Service/3D-designer
More information about the team will be published later.
Jelle B - Web Developer/Graphical Artist
More information about the team will be published later.
Brent M - Developer/Discord Moderator
Help the LiteBNB Team?

Please send us an email with your application and tell us why and how you want to help us.