Limitation of Personal Data

LiteBNB is a decentralised cryptocurrency. This means that there is no centralised entity that collects or uses the data of the users. The LiteBNB project is setup to use the blockchain as a safe and efficient way of interacting with user data such as the username that will be connected to the wallet and saved inside the LiteBNB contract itself. The general data of the LiteBNB cryptocurrency is available for everyone to see on the Binance Smart Chain explorer. The team of LiteBNB cannot access internal information of the accounts that are linked inside the Metamask wallet. The lack of saving and retrieving this data will provide a safe environment where there is no risk of losing data or personal information.

Terms And Conditions

All the utilities and services provided by the LiteBNB platform, website and mobile application are based on this decentralised vision and will not retrieve any personal information. Using Metamask or any other BSC wallet is on your own risk. Gas fees and other transaction costs are based on the Binance Smart Chain and are not controlled by the LiteBNB team. Thus we cannot directly support you if there are issues with your wallet. Of course our support system will still try to help users if they have issues, but we do not control Metamask. Metamask is a Third-party application that is utilised for the interaction with the LiteBNB Smart Contract.

Prices and Control

Prices that are shown on the website currently rely on the API-based applications that retrieve information from PancakeSwap and Coinsbit. It is possible that the price displayed is higher or lower then the actual rates but it will provide a decent indication.

More Information

For more information about the usage, utility and other related subjects of LiteBNB please contact us via or send us a message in Discord or Telegram.